Throat Pain

Throat Pain

Throat Pain services offered in Los Gatos, CA

Throat pain is more intense than the soreness you might get with a cold. If you develop throat pain, contact Silicon Valley ENT & Sinus Center: Philip T. Ho, MD, FACS, in Los Gatos, California. Board-certified ear, nose, and throat expert Dr. Ho uses advanced diagnostics to assess your pain and a range of effective treatments to address its causes. To find relief from throat pain, call Silicon Valley ENT & Sinus Center or complete the online booking form to request a consultation today.

What causes throat pain?

Throat pain could develop for many reasons, including:


Throat infections are a common cause of pain. They cause inflammation in your pharynx (pharyngitis), larynx (laryngitis), and uvula (uvulitis).

Tonsil and adenoid disorders

Tonsils are tissue lumps in the back of your throat prone to infection and inflammation (tonsillitis). You could also develop tonsil stones — hard lumps in the tonsils. Adenoids (pharyngeal tonsils) are similar areas of tissue high in your throat behind your nose.

In addition to the tonsils in your throat, you have a collection of lymphatic tissue in the root of your tongue called the lingual tonsils that can also become infected and cause pain.

Esophageal conditions

Conditions affecting the esophagus include acid reflux (heartburn), gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Barrett’s esophagus, and dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). You might experience burning pain and soreness in your throat when excess stomach acid flows back up the esophagus.

Frequent throat clearing could be due to laryngopharyngeal reflux (like GERD) or postnasal drip. You might also have a cough with throat pain.

How is throat pain diagnosed?

Dr. Ho performs a thorough exam to determine the cause of your throat pain. He performs a fiberoptic laryngoscopy, putting an endoscope (a tiny camera fixed to a flexible tube) into your throat. The camera sends back detailed images of your throat and larynx to a monitor in the treatment room.

If he suspects you have an acid reflux problem or GERD, Dr. Ho can use the ResTech pH probe to see if acid is entering your esophagus.

What treatment might throat pain require?

Dr. Ho provides comprehensive management of throat pain conditions. If you have a bacterial infection, antibiotics will cure the problem. If GERD causes throat pain, lifestyle changes are pivotal to reversing the condition’s causes.

Changes Dr. Ho might recommend include:

  • Weight loss
  • Eating less fat
  • Reducing meal sizes
  • Quitting alcohol and smoking
  • Avoiding late-night eating

 You might require medications like proton-pump inhibitors or H2 blockers to reduce acid production.

Surgical options for throat pain include tonsillectomy (tonsil removal), adenoidectomy (adenoid removal), and uvulectomy (uvula removal).

If you have throat pain, call Silicon Valley ENT & Sinus Center or book an appointment online today to discover the cause and benefit from expert treatment.